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ARIS Process Day in IndiaI am at the first ARIS ProcessDay in India. Right now, Bryan Frew is talking about the BPM initiative at Commonwealth Bank Australia. The bank is the oldest and biggest bank in Australia. They got ARIS in 2003 for a compliance initiative. The bank is now successful using ARIS Process Performance Management to understand how its processes are executed in IT. And exactly this is the topic of Bryans presentation.


ARIS Process Performance Manager extracts raw data out of the data warehouse from Commonwealth Bank and turns it into process fragments. The process fragments carry data like Time-Stamps, Application Number, Client Account Number, Branch Number and Staff Number.

ARIS Process Day in India: Process Performance Management

Because of this, you are able to see which process was executed at which time. The process fragments are then cumulated to comprehensive process models. Without any manual modeling, they get a visual representation of their technical processes. Process defects can be identified and fixed instantly. At the same time, a management dashboard is measuring if the defined Key Performance Indicators (KPI) are met in the execution. Of course the people who work on the process sometimes don’t like this level of transparency. On the slide you see some typical comments. On the left side you see a process model which was automatically generated.

ARIS Process Day in India: new view of Commercial Lending

Here are some lessons learned from the project:

  • Start with something relatively simple from a technology point of view
  • Get your Business Intelligence (BI) people involved
  • Train a critical mass
  • Don’t make it too complicated but plan for rapid understanding and demand

Commonwealth Bank is very happy with the project and I was impressed with the results they were able to generate in such a short time. I had two presentations at the show. The first was on Business Innovation. Here is the most important slide:

ARIS Process Day in India: OO+NT= EOO

The second presentation was on Process Performance Management and Soccer. The attendees loved the analogy between business and sports. If you want to see the presentations live you can catch us here:

I would be happy to see you live at the event.

As usual, here is my short summary of the event:

  • Great Presentations
  • Awesome Food
  • Satisfied Visitors

What more do you want…

@Mehul: I hope that I will get an invitation again next year ;-)