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Process Intelligence RoadshowFrom September through December 2008, the Process Intelligence Roadshow will be on world tour with exciting customer presentations and live product demonstrations, plus a few surprising digressions from the main topic. The focus of all presentations is on combining Business Process Management and Business Intelligence to create Process Intelligence. I’ll be keeping you posted with regular blogs from the tour.

Readers of the blog hardly need any introduction to Business Process Management, so let’s just repeat the standard definition: Business Process Management (BPM) involves the continuous analysis, optimization, communication, and implementation of business processes. Business Intelligence, on the other hand, warrants at least two sentences: Business Intelligence (BI) is a term used to describe analytic procedures for collecting, evaluating, and presenting company data, with aggregated key performance indicators being utilized to support management decision-making. The problem is, because data is typically presented without any kind of business context, it’s open to interpretation. This really defeats the main purpose of BI, which is to provide objective support for decision-making.

12 stops

Process Intelligence overcomes this by combining key corporate indicators with the operational processes behind the indicators. This is the cool bit: Business Process Management melds with Business Intelligence technologies, thereby creating completely new opportunities for process-oriented business management. If key indicators fall out of range, the causes of the errors can be identified in the business processes and fixed at source. What we’re talking about here is a radical new set of analytical procedures and technologies for collecting, evaluating, and presenting company data.

At the show’s 12 stops, major companies like Bayer Healthcare, Springer, SAP, Yodobashi, Microsoft, TietoEnator, and Tetra will be demonstrating how they respond in real time to correct errors in their operational processes. Swisscom has also chosen to adopt Process Intelligence as a key management tool, with Computerwoche magazine devoting an entire article to the project.

All blog readers are welcome to attend the free, one-day roadshow events, where we can meet up and chat about BPM, BI, and Process Intelligence in person.

For more information, visit the tour website: or read the Process Intelligence White Paper.

I am looking forward to seeing you there!

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