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9:10 am dramatic introduction to Jim's presentation.

It's all about Future and it's changes, about flexibility, innovation and managing changes.

The future is now! What took three DAYS before now takes only three SECONDS...

So what about the future?

Let's turn these what ifs into why nots!! NOW!  

The future is about advancing technologies: cloud, in-memory and mobility.


9:20am Jim is on stage now and starts with introducing first common Teched and Saphire NOW. It's now time to bring business and technology together. Jim tackles business processes, speed and the importance of fast understanding of companies' business processes.

Not only using SAP solutions but building on a collaboration network - the SAP Ecosystem and related products...- Note  ARIS is an important part of the SAP application lifecycle management.

Four categories Support Innovation without disruption:

- Mobile

- Core

- in-memory

- Cloud


About SAP's strategy for in-memory computing, SAP HANA, Jim announced a lot of accelerators to speed up on HANA implementation and launche SAP HANA with business warehouses. It enables you to analyze and answer any ad-hoc questions in your business! By the way at IDS Scheer Consulting they can Support with SAPY HANA.   This great presentation from SAP Co-CEO once again confirms That business process management and correlated topics like mobile, cloud and mobile technologies are the key! And the Base of it all are Business Processes! Business processes ARE at the center. SAP is delivering business value. Not just technology features.  So SAP once again underlines the importance and the difficulty of settling up great business processes.

Concentrating on Business is KEY!

Skullcandy - innovative producer of skateboards - the head of  business development unsereines this and Relates about skullcandy's decision - 2008 - to go for SAP business by Design with very Short  implementation Time. This is the base and allows to focus on what really matters: and Innovation.  "Get the process World and the analytics World together. These are not two different topics anymore but ONE!"

This is Business Process Management! This is Innovation and your Business Processes, your Business Model and thus create VALUE!  Together we can make the World Run BETTER and it Starts today!!! Processes for BETTER TIME TO VALUE...


Keep tuned for more live posts from Sapphire today and tomorrow!

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