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The IoT processes supporting the project, meaning a combination of your business processes with the technical IoT design are the main backbone of the IoT project.

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Process experts take a closer look at the relevant as-is business process to determine where IoT can have the greatest positive impact. By using ARIS, they can conduct detailed process analyses to search and identify optimization potential.

IoT process design


Further ARIS offers a methodology for designing and managing new IoT objects in dedicated model types. In addition, IoT objects can be imported directly from Cumulocity, Software AG’s cloud-based IoT device integration platform.



The new model type breaks down an IoT object into several sub- devices. This means for example, an exemplary IoT Production Network is a combination of several assigned IoT objects.

sensing and actuators components
Design IoT objects in ARIS

IoT sub-devices are described at a deeper level based on the “IoT object context” model. Here an IoT object is specified based on its constituent components, such as sensors and actuators, as well as its technical IoT configuration. To complete the picture from a business perspective, data variables, related risks and events that are emitted and consumed by the IoT objects are depicted.

Based on this information, the as-is process can be enhanced with the IoT objects to define the envisioned to-be process. It is key to identify business process improvement opportunities with IoT capabilities, to support their evolution and adaptation and to ensure tight collaboration focused on business process design. IoT objects can be easily inserted and connected with existing business functions.


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