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Process-driven creation of training assets with the brand new integration between ARIS and SAP® Enable Now! IT will be available in the course of September.

The newest ARIS – SAP Enable Now producer integration will support the process-driven creation of training assets, supporting your SAP solution success. It offers:

  1. Import ARIS process structures into SAP Enable Now

  2. Import links to SAP Enable Now training assets into ARIS




Learn more in our intro webinar:

An introduction webinar featuring ramp-up customer experience will be held by ARIS and SAP Product & Solution Management on October 29th. Don’t miss this exceptional chance to get expert insights and get directly answers to your questions.



Mirko Woitalla, Director Product & Solution Management SAP SE

Dr. Julian Krumeich, Senior Product Manager Software AG

Moderation: Josèphe Blondaut, Director ARIS Product Marketing

Recording link: