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Of course you've heard it! Of course your company is on it!

But also YOU need to understand and live for transformation and operational excellence! Achieving operational excellence is NOT a one-off effort by a single department or organization.  It involves everyone, at every level in your organization -- because every role, system and processes delivers value to the business.

As an ARIS expert, it's your chance! Dont' miss it! We’re inviting you and your colleagues to attend this exclusive webinar. Register now!  Seize the opportunity to learn more, take a deep-dive into best practices and see how operational excellence impacts everything!

The great thing about it: we'll have TWO experts discussing and sharing their views on how operational excellence impacts your future, your business, your processes!
Our Speakers:
Sandy Kemsley, P.Eng. BPM Analyst, Kemsley Design Ltd
Eric Roovers, Vice President, Transformation Solutions, Software AG


Looking forward to seeing you on April 1st!

Josèphe from your ARIS product marketing team