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Don’t miss webinar on May 6! Join our exclusive customer webinar on 6th of May and learn how to leverage the power of processes. 

This webinar will be presented by our customers Jan Ricken Head of Group Organization at Encevo and Marko Honkanen, Head of Global Process Management and Enterprise Architecture at Outukumpou. Learn more about their experience on how to rethink the operating model. Learn how they designed a winning game plan for their business while identifying best practices and transforming ways of working.

They will take you throught these points, you may also ask yourself:

  • How to connect strategy with the processes?
  • How to transform using processes and the value chain?
  • How to reduce the number of “surprises” in deploying strategy?
  • How to visualize what you need to tackle in your strategy?

Strategy is executed via processes, so process management is deeply strategic!

Register now for our exclusive customer webinar focused on operational excellence and design from the lens of an ARIS user!

In this first webinar series out five, industry leaders in operational process excellence from around the globe will share their expertise, guidance and best practices. Learn how ARIS support your success and make sure to register to the whole series. Next stop is on and gives hints on how to roll-out your processes efficiently and engage people with ARIS.