I'm trying to use the Import data in Excel format report.  I've found documentation about it in the "Evaluation in ARIS" manual dated January 2010.  And after much trial and error I was able to get the report to import models into ARIS from Excel.  However, there are "features" in how the report work that I want to resolve if possible.

For example, I import a model that have the following symbols "A", "B1", "B2" and "C".  There is a connection from A to B1, A to B2, B1 to C and B2 to C.  Ideally, there should only be one symbol for C on the diagram with two incoming connection arrows to that single C symbol.  However, when I import this model using the Import data in Excel format report, I end up with two instances of the symbol C on the diagram, each instance of the C symbol has one incoming connection arrow, one arrow from B1 and the other arrow from B2.  Semantically this is correct but the representation is not desired.

Is there a way to ensure only one instance of a symbol appears on a model diagram?