I'm a beginner in the use of the simulation tool in ARIS with BPMN models. 

I've learned enough to create a simple process model with one task to learn how to run the simulation tool.

From what I can tell, I specify the inter-arrival time of work using the Frequency group attributes associated with the BPMN Start event.  These attributes seem to allow only specifying constant inter-arrival time. 

For those familiar with queueing theory, my simple process model is a D/M/1 queueing model.

However, I'd like to specify other types of inter-arrival distributions.  For example, I'd like to define exponential inter-arrival time to create a M/M/1 queue to test out the ARIS simulation tool.  Since the M/M/1 has closed form formulas, I can validate the results I get from the simulation with this simple queueing model.  This way I know if I've parameterized simulation model correctly.

For processing time, I can specify a variety of time distributions, e.g., deterministic, exponential, normal, ...  I'd like to do the same for inter-arrival times.

Is there a way to specify a non-constant inter-arrival time distribution?

Thank you.

Tags: simulation BPMN