Hello everyone!

I've started to investigate simulation experiments in ARIS Architect 9.6 recently, so I have some questions to the community.

1) Could you please explain how time for functions is calculated, because I can't understand this logic. Here is a screenshot of simulation experiment I conducted on very simple EPC model. There are 2 functions (A- with variable static wait time; B - with constant static wait time - 10min.). Period for simulation is relative - 30 days. So SWTime for main model is totally understandable - for example, in run 1: (30min+10min)*30 days = 20hours. But what about other responses? Can you explain it to me please?

2) Are there any guides/manuals about Simulation experiments in ARIS? I watched video tutorials here and also looked throught forum posts, but I couldn't find any necessary documentation.


Thank you very much in advance!

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