I have installed ARIS10 and succesfully launched UML Designer once few weeks ago. Today, when I wanted to start the application again, it has stopped at the "starting local server" window - just like in the following thread: http://www.ariscommunity.com/users/halil61/2018-01-15-aris-10-lokaler-server-wird-nicht-geladen


In the .log file I have found following issue:

com.aris.prov.agent.rest.client.HttpClientException: Could not connect to http://localhost:14011. Make sure that an agent is running on this machine and that the specified port is correct. Also check if you used the right protocol to communicate with the agent (you used HTTP, try HTTPS).


Can anyone tell me, what am I doing wrong?

My hardware:

AMD A8-5550M quad core 2,10 Ghz


WIN 10 x64

33,5 GB of free space on the system partition

243 GB of free space on the partition where ARIS is installed (D:\ARIS)


Best regards,