Hi all,

in my company, we are working with the ARIS Business Designer/Architect in Version 7.2.

We have now an ongoing project with external consultants which have to design processes - so our idea was to let them use ARIS Express (version 2.4 - the latest release) to create BPMN processes.

I tried now in several ways to import the ARIS Express .adf files into our system (even with the help of our administrator), however all import tries are failing. I tried for example to use the complete ARIS Model Templates as described here: https://www.ariscommunity.com/users/andresamarco/2013-07-15-how-import-aris-express-aris-it-architect-72

Here is the error message:

Attached you find an example file - would be great if someone could help me to solve this issue so we can import the project results in our ARIS plattform.



Tags: ARIS Architect ARIS Express BPMN Import 
Attachments:Binary Data BPMN-Diagramm 1.adf