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BPM is all about continuous process improvement. But have you ever wondered HOW you actually go in medias res and improve your process quality and efficiency? With the Six Sigma and Lean methodology you complement your BPM project with effective instruments to reduce process waste and process defects.

The ARIS Six Sigma Solution provides you with integrated support for defining, measuring, analyzing, improving, and controlling your processes the Lean Six Sigma way.

Now, there is a new ARIS community group on Six Sigma and Lean that aims to unite Six Sigma belts, Lean managers, and BPM experts.

  • Are you looking for a profound approach that increases your processes' quality and efficiency?
  • Have you always wondered how your BPM program matches with your Lean / Six Sigma program?
  • Are you already successfully implementing Lean Six Sigma in your BPM activities and now search for peers and their experience?

Then, this group is the channel to learn from others, share your ideas and spread the word on BPM and Lean Six Sigma.





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