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Dear Community Members,

as promised at the just finished webcast "Reduce Costs by Application Portfolio Management with ARIS" please find at this post the files you need to repeat the demo yourself.

The demo uses the following components of ARIS Platform:

  • ARIS Business Server 7.1 SR8
  • ARIS IT Architect 7.1 SR8
  • ARIS IT Inventory 7.1 SR8
  • ARIS MashZone 2.0

The attached archive contains the following files:

  • MY_APM.adb  - initial database with preconfigured users
  • *.xml files - profiles for import from excel files (IMPORTANT: add them into the folder of the script "Excel Loader.arx" after its import into ARIS)
  • *.xls files - contain sample information about persons, IT systems and technologies
  • "Business Capabilities.adf"  - ARIS Express file with business capabilities
  • "Excel Loader.arx" - ARIS script to load information from excel files
  • "Import Excel file.amx" - handy ARIS macro invoking "Excel Loader.arx"
  • "Update from IT Inventory.amx" - handy ARIS macro invoking standard script
  • "My Application Portfolio Dashboard.arx"  - script created during the webcast to output information into dashboard.

Please, note that the configuration of IT Inventory has been slightly adjusted to incorporate the defined roles participating in the APM process.


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