Dear ARIS and Alphabet User in North America,

Currently we are planning the TechEd Conference of the North America User Groups in Chicago (04/29/2014 – 05/01/2014; an official announcement and invitation will follow). The intent of User Groups meetings is to network with our peers, gain insight into technology challenges, or to share best practices for design & development. However, it is a challenge to prepare the best content and reach out to the right presenter to fit everyone’s needs and interests.

Today I reach out to you asking for your support and participation in a brief online survey to gain better inside of your needs, challenges and expectations regarding how we should organize future ARIS and Alphabet User Group Meetings. This will help us to understand better your interests, prepare the appropriate content and invite the right experts. Furthermore, the outcome of this survey will help us to improve communication and collaboration among members regarding defined topics.

Your participation is highly appreciated and confidentiality is ensured. All data will be normalized and individual data will not be shared with the vendor or any other third party.

Please follow the Survey link ( and feel free to forward it to your ARIS and Alphabet peers in North America (United States and Canada). The Survey will be closed March 31st 2014.

Best Regards

Klaus Schulz

Tags: ARIS