I have been doing a trial run of ARIS Express to understand its functionalities and such. Amongst some of my primary queries are:

(i) Is there is a way to re-use process models created in ARIS Express, in a fully functional ARIS tool (such as Business Designer/ Architect).

Hypothetical situation: Business users in a large corporate have been modelling their process models in ARIS Express. Pleased with the tool, they decide to invest in ARIS Business Designer/ Architect. But they wish to re-use their already created models instead of re-modelling them. Can this be done ?

(ii) I do not see the facility to create assignments to functions, instead only have the capability to create links. Is that correct or have I missed the 'Assignments' feature somewhere ?

(iii) Are the model and function attributes restricted to those already mentioned in the 'Properties' tab or is there a feature to add new attributes/ create user created attributes (as in ARIS Business Designer/ Architect) ?

Regards and thanks in advance


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