Dear Community,

I am Krisztian Varga from Corvinus Business School, Budapest.

I want to create a best practice pool for professors starting a new semester including Aris in their curricula. To be honest, I can write down my experiences, but I have a lot of questions, so I hope there will be a lot of comments from your side.

So what I usually have to do:

1. Clean up the server.

This means deleting or archiving the databases and deleting student credentials from the system.

How am I doing these? Manually. I am deleting students from the UMC webpage one by one, and I am deleting databases in the client one by one.

I think there should be a better way to do these. If any of you has better ways, please share.

2. Creating new users.

I am doing that in UMC webpage again. If there is any bulk processing available, please share.

3. Creating new databases.

We have 200 undergraduate students in every semester to teach. We make groups of 4 of them. So I have to create like 50 databases. I am doing it manually in the client. My question is the same as previously: is there a better way?

4. Personalizing the exercises

We are using the Beginner Modeling Exercises, which has 14 tasks to do. We start with Task 8, because that is a good overview, than we do everything in the normal order. We cannot do task 2 if more students work in the same database, so sometimes we skip it.

My last issue:

Right now, all students log in to the same server, and they can see each others databases. I have not found the password protection option in the client, and I way unable to do any access rights setup in UMC defining who can access a database. Is there a way to do that?

As I read back, I can see it is more like a question list than best practices... But I hope, that we can make a proper list with your experiences.



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