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Dear members,

We are currently about to embed a completely new feature in our rich client products, which is intended to boost collaboration capabilities between BPM stakeholders significantly. It’s a type of session sharing where you can invite your colleagues ad hoc in a well-directed way. This can be useful in many situations where you need instant feedback, e.g.:

  • a sign-off of a model

  • aligning a process or organizational change

  • walk-through of some models with affected process workers-

This means you can share your ARIS window with others in real time, you can hand over a partner the control of your mouse, you can make temporary annotations, chat, VOIP and so on.

I believe this new dimension of collaboration will help organizations which are highly distributed with offices in many different locations and in many different countries to save time and money.

For a start, we plan to allow up to 30 or 50 users in one session, all of which can make annotations, chat and more. To make such sessions manageable we plan to restrict the number of concurrent mouse pointers to 2 – which means two modelers can edit objects, create new ones in several models, and do whatever is necessary at the same time. It is of course possible, to hand over the control to other participants at any time.

My colleagues will provide more details soon in the ARIS Community about this upcoming feature.

I would however, now like to kick-off a discussion to get your feedback on a set of questions. We will be discussing internally:

  • Would it make sense to also offer this kind of collaboration in ARIS Express?

  • Based on your experience, what concrete scenarios come to mind for inviting colleagues/partners?

  • How many people would join and how many would actively change the model in real time and parallel?


Your feedback is highly appreciated!


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