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Hello everyone!

My name is Jure Lakner and I am a student from faculty of organization science, Slovenia. 

For my thesis I have to come clear on 2 main problems when you automatically generate EPC notation to BPMN notation in Aris 9.8 Architect.


1. There are no signs in Gateways (Exclusive Gateway, Parallel Gateway,...) when the proces is automatically generated.

2. No Swimlanes (Pools, Lanes). So you do not have any role, organization or a system.

I have found that this was nicely done in Aris 7. Link to video: http://www.ariscommunity.com/videos/learn-how-epc-models-can-be-transformed-bpmn-models

Picture of proof that the generating model has so many flaws. No description on Gateways and NO Swimlanes!


My question is, how can Aris in version 7 transforms EPC notation normally with no flaws, but Aris 9.8 can not. 

What are the rigth instruction for correct transformation from EPC to BPMN in Aris 9.8. 

EPC notation is correctly written. If there is a problem with EPC notation I can publish it. But I do not think so, because EPC is written in all regulations.

If anybody can help me with this problem, I would be overjoyed! 

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