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Konstantin Ivanov, Global EA/SOA Solution Manager for IDS Scheer AG, recently hosted a webinar on Enterprise Architecture  with ARIS  and The Open Group  Architecture Framework (TOGAF) v9.0 to over 30 EA Architects and IT Managers from a number of leading multi-national organisations.

TOGAF  has been around for 15 years as a method and toolset for any organisation to use when developing an enterprise architecture. The latest version of TOGAF is comprehensive and includes:

  • Architecture development framework: methods, guidelines and templates
  • Architecture content framework: very useful levels of detail within each component of the framework
  • Reference models: technical and information infrastructure models on which designs can be based
  • Enterprise continuum: a virtual repository of models, patterns, previous architecture deliverables
  • Architecture capability framework

It is also easier to use, can be applied to a much wider range of change across the business, and has a stronger emphasis on consistent outputs to go with the consistent processes it already supports.

There are many benefits to using TOGAF:

  • Increased  IT efficiency, including lower development and support costs and increased portability and inter-operability
  • Better return on existing investment, reducing risk and complexity and increasing flexibility
  • Cheaper and faster procurement

Advantages of Enterprise Architecture Development with ARIS and TOGAF9

A live demo during the webcast brought out some of the benefits of using TOGAF 9 within ARIS    Konstantin used the TOGAF Development Method and Content Framework to navigate through various aspects of a sample model and then to show how easy building new components is. The value of being able to see changes made in one database ripple through the rest of the architecture was also clear.

Other benefits of ARIS-TOGAF include:

  • Having one central ARIS Enterprise Repository for a complete and integrated Enterprise Model, including detailed process models
  • Access to 25+ certified in-house TOGAF practitioners
  • A quick-start capability with a free of charge ARIS TOGAF Reference Database and Filter (including TOGAF Technical Reference Model)
  • TOGAFv8 certified support of every phase of the Architecture Development Method, plus support for the Viewpoints in the Architecture Content Framework
  • Incorporation of a variety of reference models and frameworks, such as Telecom, ITIL, COBIT, APQC, SCOR etc


In a lively Q&A session at the end of the webcast some additional information emerged:

  • ARIS TOGAF is compatible with SAP Enterprise Architecture Framework but is not yet fully integrated.
  • Currently IDS Scheer is developing  a number of new training courses  and a combined ARIS and TOGAF course is being considered.

ARIS Enterprise Architecture expert papers are available for more information. It is also worth keeping an eye out for user case studies and new experts papers are being developed all the time.

For future relevant webcasts visit:  www.ids-scheer.com/webcasts.

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