Hello everybody,
I deal with a task to automatize export of some hundreds BPMN 2.0 Collaboration diagrams. I have tried with context option on a model in Aris ( Export -> Export BPMN diagram as a BPMN file...).
   This output is exactly what will be necessary, but such export is fine only for a few models. When I select more models and try to export it according this method one *.BPMN file (as a merge of all selected models) is created.
   I need output each model as a single *.BPMN file (for all selected models). If you know similar functionality, which could be done by one of Aris script reports, it will be good. (source code of "Export BPMN diagram as a BPMN file..." which I could modify will be pefect as well.. ) 

I tried output .xml files, but the structure within <AML> system is not sufficient.

I appreciate every answer/advice,



Tags: ARIS 10 ARIS Report BPMN