I try to install ARIS 9.5 client on Windows 7 x64. I selected Architect/Designer as product in the installer with local standard database system. During the installation I get the following error:


"Error installing components 'registry' "


When I check the install log, it see the following error:

11-28-2013 15:02:28 command : list > runnables.txt  2>&1
11-28-2013 15:02:30 command : set local.repository.only=false
11-28-2013 15:02:33 command : -f C:\Users\xxx\AppData\Local\Temp\{1633864D-AAD9-4250-97E7-74E815AC488F}\{51D0D3C8-4E79-4DD3-AE9F-651EEA5444C4}\repository_url.pt
11-28-2013 15:02:33   script: set remote.repository.url="http://xxx:13131/repo"
11-28-2013 15:02:39 command :2> error.txt -f C:\Users\xxx\AppData\Local\Temp\{1633864D-AAD9-4250-97E7-74E815AC488F}\{51D0D3C8-4E79-4DD3-AE9F-651EEA5444C4}\configure.pt -c "E:\ARIS\ARIS Client\generated.apptypes.cfg"
11-28-2013 15:02:39 Error at line 1 of command file C:\Users\xxx\AppData\Local\Temp\{1633864D-AAD9-4250-97E7-74E815AC488F}\{51D0D3C8-4E79-4DD3-AE9F-651EEA5444C4}\configure.pt: Could not configure runnable zoo_local (com.aris.runnables.zookeeper-run-prod- on node localhost: Unable to access remote repository at http://xxx:13131/repo: Connection to http://xxx:13131 refused. Make sure that the repository location is correct and that your repository is up and running. Also check if the repository requires authentication. If authentication is required, you can provide authentication info using the remote.repository.username and remote.repository.password configuration parameters.
11-28-2013 15:03:16   script: configure zoo_local zoo_local tickTime="60000" clientPort="14051"
11-28-2013 15:03:19 command : set local.repository.only=true


Anybody experiencing the same problem who knows how to solve this?

The installation without local standard database systems succeeds without errors, but I want a standalone setup, so I need the local standard database.