Hello guys,

This question has been asked a few times here in the forums, but the answers aren't entirely satisfactory in my situation.

Let's say I want to model the fact that an IT application can go through different states: In development, in production, being decommissioned, and decommissioned.

I could use UML state diagrams to model this but: Aris is going to drop support for UML 1.4, and UML 2 diagrams require a UML designer license.

I'm thinking of doing the following (see attached picture): 
- Use an event diagram
- Add the 'application' as  Cluster/Data model
- States are modeled with Events objects
- Transitions between states are modeled using the "links" relationships between event objects

When adding an event object inside a cluster object, Aris proposes to use the "has state" relationship: cluster "has state" event.

So far, so good.

The only drawbacks I see are :
- I cannot assign an event diagram to a cluster object. It's a pity but not a big deal
- What is annoying me a little is that I'm using event objects to model states, which are two different things. But I cannot see a better solution.

Any advice? 

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