Hello guys,

I'm currently building "information maps" (à la Bizbok), that is: models with a list of business objects for a given domain (business objects for the supply chain domain for example).

There are such models in the UMG base, for example, the "Business objects" model, an eERM model containing "cluster data/model" elements.

I'd like to differentiate  "plain" business objects (a "stock", or an "item") (-> cluster/data model) from more document-like objects (an "invoice" for example).

I was thinking of using "Information carrier" for the latter, but you can't' add "information carrier" elements to an IE Data Model. However, you can add "Information Element"

So my question is: what is the difference between an "Information carrier" and an "Information element"? (I read the online help, but this is not really helping me).  Would an "Information element" be OK to represent a document (an invoice, a specification document, ...)?

Thanks for your advice