Hi all,

here is the situation :

  • Create a filter A
  • Create a filter B
  • Create a filter C by merging filter A and B
  • Modify filter A : for example add some symbols and relationships, remove some others

The question is : how to update C so that it reflects changes made in A ?

  • Option 1 would be to manually apply the same modifications to C that were made to A. Not allways feasible if modifications to A are not documented.
  • Option 2 would be to merge the new A with B and get a new and updated C. The trouble is we may have modified C itself inbetween ....
  • Option 3 : what happens if we merge again C with itself and the new A ? Do we get the desired result, i.e. :  new A filter definitions + B definitions + modifications made to C after the initial merge ?

Thanks !


Note : this is similar to that question dating from 2009