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Dear all,

I'd like to import users from our active directory for the use on our design server 9.5. Therefore I setup the LDAP connection like in the setup and administration guide with the Server and connection settings that we have on our 7.1 server. But when clicking import LDAP users in the ARIS 9.5 UMC we get an error message that the import failed and the umc logfile shows lines like the following:

2013-12-09 10:27:48,627 [INFO] (ajp-bio-11083-exec-10) UserSynchronization - Searching users... [TENANT: default, CRITERION: Pattern, VALUE: *]

2013-12-09 10:27:48,627 [INFO] (ajp-bio-11083-exec-10) LdapUserDao - Importing users from LDAP... [TENANT: default, CRITERION: Pattern, VALUE : *, LDAP: true, LOCAL: false]

2013-12-09 10:27:53,463 [ERROR] (ajp-bio-11083-exec-10) MapExceptionsInterceptor - Invocation of method 'findPersonsByWildcards' failed: null key

I don't think that even a connection to the LDAP server has been established in this case. But also the messages are not really understandable to me. Have you seen such a behavior before?

Best regards, Klaus

PS: I already tried to check/correct the LDAP settings using a short procedure description on LDAP provided by the ARIS Global Support!