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Dear ARIS users,

did you already hear about Process Mining? Process Mining plays an essential role nowadays in every Business Transformation. Process Mining allows companies to get immediate insights into their real business processes.

ARIS Process Mining is the Process Mining solution of ARIS. It enables any business unit to perform quick process scans without the need of time-consuming data imports. The tool allows to discover processes within minutes. It has never been easier to analyze which activities in an organization need to be optimized or can be considered for automation or improvement in order to achieve more efficiency and cost savings.

If this sounds interesting to you or your enterprise, you should consider to join the upcoming Software AG Webinar "Immediate insights into your processes with ARIS Process Mining".

This Webinar will give you an introduction into ARIS Process Mining and highlight how easy it is to discover, monitor and improve real processes in an organization. Find out how easy it is to:

  • Import log files for quick process discovery (analyze a business process within minutes)
  • Build analysis dashboards from scratch and detect weaknesses automatically
  • Use pre-defined analysis templates for business improvement with the AI-powered Root Cause Miner

Here you will find the Webinar (registration required)

Webinare date and time: Aug 27, 2019 04:00 PM (Berlin Time)

Best regards,

Markus (from the ARIS team)