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Did you already try out and explore ARIS Process Mining SaaS, a new cloud platform for process mining? This platform will help businesses and business line users to understand and fix process bottlenecks and inefficiencies in order to make their organization work more efficiently. Making ARIS Process Mining accessible through the cloud will help IT and business leaders take on the challenge of simultaneously reducing costs, cutting spending and improving customer experiences.

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Process mining helps businesses to understand where their processes are working as they should and more importantly, where they’re not. By assessing every element of digital business operations, ARIS Process Mining helps users find patterns, anomalies and opportunities for improvement. Comparing intended vs actual process performance helps to see if they’re executing as planned and make changes before the bottom line is affected.

ARIS Process Mining SaaS is based on a cloud-infrastructure with a completely new user-interface, allowing a cutting-edge user experience. It helps businesses who want to start using process mining, as well as making the service more flexible for seasoned users.

ARIS Process Mining will now be available in three editions: ARIS Process Mining Basic, ARIS Process Mining Advanced, and ARIS Process Mining Enterprise. Basic is available free of charge to allow those new to process mining an opportunity to start their process mining journey for free.

Start now with ARIS Process Mining and test it for free:

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