Good afternoon, dear community!
Once again I was faced with a situation that was incomprehensible to me. I have two arrays:
- array of models (modelsBpList)
- an array of definitions (rolesDefsArr) for which I want to get all occurrences on each model from array modelsBpList.

The code listed below works fine:

for (var k=0;k<rolesDefsArr.length;k++){
    var tmp = rolesDefsArr[k].OccList(modelsBpList);
    newOccList = newOccList.concat(tmp);

But if before this code I apply Aris Data.Unique (modelsBpList = ArisData.Unique(modelsBpList);) to an array of models, I get an error.

It turns out that Aris Data.Unique changes the type of object?
And is there a possibility of a "beautiful" conversion new type to a JavaScript array? Or is it only possible to add each object of modelsBpList to a new array using method ".push()"?