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In our last two posts we already introduced some great new features that await you with ARIS 10 SR 6.

Today I'll give you a preview about the highlights around process mining and process analytics.

Easily combine process design with process mining capabilities and bring designed and measured processes even closer together. Benefit from a completely new view of your processes, which shows you exactly where to start your next process transformation initiative.

Highlights are:

  • Preconfigured use case-driven GRC dashboard
  • New widgets in ARIS Aware
  • AI-driven process conformance check
  • Root cause miner

Above all, Risk Managers and Compliance Officers will be pleased to hear about the innovations in the area of ARIS Aware. With ARIS 10 SR 6 we extend the existing use case templates with a preconfigured GRC dashboard for optimal risk assessment. In addition, we introduce new visualization options such as heat maps or geo maps.

In addition, ARIS is expanding its offering for process mining for you to uncover all deviations from the intended process flow:

  •  AI-powered process conformance checking enables to encompass theory and practice and to align designed and measured processes. Identify deviations and adjust your designed processes to best serve the needs of your business.
  • Root cause miner to identify root causes for process bottlenecks like long process cycle time or high process costs automatically.

Sounds exciting and you would like to know more? Then don’t hesitate and register now  for our 2018 Product Release Virtual Conference on  Oct. 9-11. Listen to Dr. Helge Hess, head of ARIS Product Marketing & Management, introducing the new features live. Take the chance and ask  all your important questions about the new release directly to the experts in the live chat.

I’ll see you there!

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