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We all know that successful business transformation can only happen if you are able to live it. If you don't reach your employees, they won't be able to implement the change and the transformation is doomed to fail.

That's why, even with our latest ARIS release, it's extremely important to us to develop opportunities for you that enable you to promote and simplify your daily employee engagement.

Therefore, the ARIS 10 SR 18 allows you to integrate ARIS processes directly into Microsoft Teams® and to add model viewing capabilities everywhere you can add apps in MS Teams (channels, chats, meetings, …).

ARIS step view in MS Teams

Viewers can thus access specific ARIS content quickly and easily and share information about specific processes. Models can be discussed in teams to make knowledge easily accessible to everyone (with at least one viewer license).

How it works?

After the deployment of the app in your organization (app name and logos are of course customizable) simply add the ARIS app as a tab in a channel, a chat, or a meeting.

ARIS app in MS teams

Select the database where your model is stored.

Select ARIS database in MS teams

Browse your repository by entering a search term,

Select process to visualize it in MS teams

select the desired model  to have the content right where you work. Choose your preferred view: overview, chart, steps or matrix.

Process tap that should be visualized in MS Teams     ARIS BPMN model in MS Teams


By introducing the ARIS app to MS Teams, we not only provide you with an additional place to consume ARIS content but also integrate ARIS viewing capabilities seamlessly into your daily collaboration.

Start now with ARIS 10 SR 18 and offer your employees an easy access to content in a familiar (and market leading) tool* and benefit from an improved adoption achieved by an additional communication channel and improved collaboration.

It is likely that your organization uses MS Teams too ;)

Want to see this great new feature in action? Click here to watch the video :)


*more than 145M daily users distributed across ~500.000 organizations (source: Microsoft Teams Revenue and Usage Statistics (2022) - Business of Apps)



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