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As your document storage grows, it might become challenging to maintain and reuse your documents. I would like to show you how you can keep your repository well organized with ARIS 10 SR20.

In my example today I start to upload a new document to a process model. Therefore I select the process step in the model and go to the properties to add a new policy.

ARIS10SR20_Improved document handling_1

I start with a title “policy” and click on select document.

ARIS10SR20_Improved document handling_2

I can see all the existing policy documents now.To add a new policy I go to upload new document and select the new one.

ARIS10SR20_Improved document handling_3

ARIS10SR20_Improved document handling_4

The new document is automatically at the top of the list, preselected and can be easily added.

ARIS10SR20_Improved document handling_5



But what if there is a new version of the policy available? No worries, updating an existing document is also very easy. I select the document to upload a new version:

ARIS10SR20_Improved document handling_6ARIS10SR20_Improved document handling_8

In the next step I can select new the document that will replace the old policy. The new one is again preselected and I only have to confirm by clicking on “ok”.

ARIS10SR20_Improved document handling_9

That’s it. Really simple, isn't it?

What we also did with ARIS10 SR20 is the improvement of the document selection. To show you the new feature I will add an existing document now. Therefore I go again to the “document selection” to add a document but this time I have a look at the existing content.

As you can see there are many different documents available. To find the document (in my case the one I added some minutes ago) I can use the search field and the “sort by” tab.

ARIS10SR20_Improved document handling_10

As you can see that makes it much easier to find the document that I’m looking for.

And by the way this is also a new way to search for documents in the repository.

ARIS10SR20_Improved document handling_11

You would like to see the new feature in action? Then watch the short video:

I hope you like the new feature. If you want to learn more about ARIS10SR20, it's worth taking a look at Elke Bastian's post.




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