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The very business of doing business is under the spotlight like never before for retailers.

As if the cost-of-living crisis wasn’t enough of an issue, retailers must now get to grips with waste and plastic reduction, energy efficiency, and driving towards carbon net-zero.

Consumers are becoming more and more demanding of those they choose to buy from, increasingly seeking those whose values align with theirs. Environmental, social and governance (ESG) are now cornerstones of any retail business.

The trend is clear. Take “Love Island,” which was once the domain of fast fashion sponsors. Its latest series is sponsored by eBay and viewers will no longer be able to purchase the outfits they see on screen. Why? All the contestants will be wearing second-hand “pre-loved” clothes, demonstrating how environmentally responsible the show is.  

Join Andrew Busby, a top 50 retail influencer at Software AG and Josèphe Blondaut, for a discussion and discover how your peers are tackling these unprecedented challenges. They will cover:

  • How to embed sustainability within your organisation
  • Which sustainability initiatives resonate most with your customers
  • How to achieve the right balance between people, profit, and planet

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