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In a few days we will release ARIS MashZone 2.1. This version introduces a range of new features. Some of these are for example, new visualization opportunities for Google Maps™ or customizable chart colors.

To give you a perfect overview of these new features, we will start with a blog post series and describe several features with special posts. We will give you a description of the feature, and show you its use with the help of examples. This post series will start on Wednesday and there will be further posts during the next two weeks here in the community.

For a first taste, here are the headlines of the different posts :)

1.       How to use geocoding in ARIS MashZone to display special addresses in a Google Map

2.       How to use single sign-on with ARIS MashZone

3.       How to customize chart colors in ARIS MashZone

4.       How to use geocoding in ARIS MashZone to display routes in a Google Map

5.       How To - Save Images in MashZone 2.1

6.       How to use geocoding to display colored areas in a Google Map

7.       How to use ARIS MashZone in combination with complex event processing (CEP)

In this entry I will summarize the different posts, so the list will grow. Please use this URL as a reference (this post will be edited to reflect updates).

Soon you will also be able to download the new product version at You will also find video tutorials and a mashup gallery with practical application examples there.

The suspense continues!



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