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We are proud to announce a new version of ARIS MashZone. In the next days we start a blog post series to introduce the new features of ARIS MashZone 2.2 with special posts.

One of the most important highlights will be the new MashZone Viewer that allows you to access your dashboards created with ARIS MashZone on your iPad! With this app, all of your important corporate data is within your grasp even you are on the road.

But the new version of ARIS MashZone contains also further great new functionalities like e.g. better integration with ARIS PPM, an improved database access with single sign on or improved time filter opportunities.  

For a first taste you can find the headline of the coming posts here:

  1. Access your mashups on Apple iPad
  2. MashZone's integration with ARIS PPM
  3. PPM Charts in dashboards
  4. Invoke mashups with predefined values
  5. Single Sign On/data level security w/ PPM
  6. Improved PPM data source
  7. Easy definition of Date Picker intervals

We will use this post to collect all feature posts about MashZone 2.2 on a single place. Please use this URL as a reference (this post will be edited to reflect updates).
You can download the new product version at

And never forget, a day without ARIS MashZone is a wasted day ;)


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