I'm working on an SAP implementation and we are using ARIS to store the main process designs.

One of the solution components in SAP Portal and as such I need to use some specific Portal attributes in ARIS.

I am working with ARIS Business Architect for SAP v7.1 but we do not use SAP Solution Manager (don't ask...)

The attributes I need to allocate to the Activity object in my Method Filter are:

1. System

2. Transaction Type

Both of these appear in the Attribute Type list but when you try to locate them to assign Attribute Type to Objects they do not appear in the list.

System is held in the following path: Main group/ARIS for SAP attributes/SAP Portal/iView attributes.

I have tried changing where this is held to Main group without success as I still cannot see it when choosing to allocate to an Object.

Transaction Type is held in Main group/ARIS for SAP attributes.

Could anyone provide advice on how to activate these attributes for use in my Method Filter?

I could define my own attributes but would much prefer the SAP standard ones.

Many thanks