I'm trying to configure a user group to have a limited set of permission to specific set of folders (groups) within a database. Is this something that is possible?

A short background of what we are trying to do. For the main database, we implicitly trust the architects using it to be competent enough, due to training and background, to be given full edit permission to all the groups within the database. We want to try to expand access and usage of ARIS by giving a select few business process owners the ability view the models created by the architects and create their own models. In short, we want to  give these process owners read only permission to the architect folders and read+write permission to specific folders (preferably these folders are set up by admins) within the same database.

Can this be done? We are currently using ARIS 10. I've looked at several post that sounds like the try to achieve this but it looks like they were not successful:


Thank you in advance for any help