I am trying to figure out how model status works with the built-in ARIS Governance Process. From my testing, I can’t seem to make them work together. My questions are:

Model status

  1.  What do the model status options (especially complete, released, last change) mean? I’m assuming that “In process” means that the model is currently in the process of being modified and “To be revised” means the model have been flagged for update at a later time. Are these assumptions correct?
  2. Is there a lifecycle flow for the status options i.e. which one is first, second, third …?

Governance process

  1. If I have completed a change to a model, do I have to set the status to “Complete” before starting the “Approve content” process so that they will be in sync i.e. the model will automatically change status to “Released” when the business owner approved the change?
  2. Can the change request be locked/disabled so that it can only be made available at specific model status?
  3. Is there a way to lock the status of the model after the business approval? I would rather that any changes to the status of the model be controlled by a workflow rather than manual updates.

All help apreaciated including to link to specific sections of manuals that may cover the topic. Thanks.