I´m going to write my bachelor thesis, using ARIS. In the book "ARIS - Vom Geschäftsprozeß zum Anwendungssystem" (A.-W. Scheer) in the preamble, Prof.
Dr. Scheer has written, that all the diagrams could be downloaded from http://www.iwi.uni-sb.de/lehre/aris-i ,but the link is outdated. In the latest version of this book I found another link:
http://www.iwi.uni-sb.de/communication/buecher , but this link is also outdated.

I wrote a mail to Prof. Dr. Scheer and asked him, if there is a new download location, but I didn´t get an answer, yet.

Does anyone know, where to get the diagrams? Downloaded images have a better quality than scanned images, which is the reason why I wwould prefer them.
Does anyone have the diagrams, downloaded when the links weren´t outdated?

thanks in advance for your help,