One of my issues I can't resolve by myself is:

Let's assume 3 process models: process A, process B and process C.
Process A has a subprocess: process B, and process B has a subprocess as well - process C.

In the process C there are few rules objects - first, there is an AND rule to split the flow into two, and for each flow there is a XOR rule to make a decision, where one of the decision can be looped. The loop consists of two XOR rules. The decision XOR rules are then merged, and after that the AND rules is also merged.

The problem:
When I try to simulate process C only, everything works fine. When I try to simulate processes B and C - it works fine as well. The problem starts when I try to simulate all of the processes. In that case, in the process C, process folders are going through the AND rule and the first (decision) XOR rule, but when they reach the loop-opening XOR rule, they are discarded and none of them reaches the end of the process.

At the end of simulation I got the following sample values of the attributes:

AND rule: 68 activations

Decision XOR rule: 68 activations
First decision: Loop-returning XOR rule: 28 process folders discarded; 1 process folder waiting
Second decision: 39 activations

Loop-opening XOR rule: 0
Decision merging XOR rule: 38 process folder discarded, 1 process folder waiting
Merging AND rule: 0


I am puzzled by the fact that when I simulate the process C or only 1 process up, everything is OK and there are no process folders discarded.

Any thoughts? Thanks for answers!