I am trying to launch aris express on win10, but instead of it I am getting the error "Unable to find JRE in specified directory etc."
I have already added launcher.cfg to C:\Program Files\ARIS Express\client\config folder and inserted this xml to in
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
    AutomaticMemoryManagement="true" />

it doesnt help.

I have already tried to launch C:\Program Files\ARIS Express\client\lib\express.jnlp but only terminal's window has appeared just for a little moment so i couldnt see anything.

lib and jre folders are present in C:\Program Files\ARIS Express\client

Please, help me, I have spent 2 days solving this issue (with plenty of reinstalling aris and 1 reinstalling windows) or i will be dropped out from my university.