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Students and Faculty Members – We’re offering you a chance to take part in a Business Process Modeling with ARIS training in Frankfurt, Germany completely free of charge!


Details about the ARIS training course:

  • Business Process Modeling with ARIS (ABD) – April 3rd - 4th, 2018 – Worth 1,080.00 EUR  – 1 seat available – Frankfurt, Germany

As a student or faculty member of the ARIS Community, you get the chance to attend this course completely free of charge. The training will be in German.

Do not waste any more time! 


Just write us an email with your first name, last name, contact details, university and the workshop you would like to attend. Please send us the email using your university email-address or attach your enrollment certificate. We will limit the choice to one training per person.

Important: It is not possible to attend this course remotely!


Course Information:

Business Process Modeling with ARIS (ABD)



Business process modeling is about creating and maintaining process documentation and doing evaluations (such as queries and reports). This course provides you with the necessary knowledge to create process documentation in ARIS. In workshops, you will learn to create various ARIS models in accordance to the ARIS modeling rules. Using this knowledge will enable you to have  a clean and good-looking business process landscape.


At the end of this course, you will be able to:

  • Use ARIS for your modeling work
  • Describe complex business information in a logical and understandable way using the ARIS methodology
  • Structure and describe all relevant additional information used in a process model

Workshop Content

  • Business process management and ARIS - overview
  • Introduction to ARIS Designer and/or Architect
  • Model types: organizational chart, Value-Added Chain Diagram (VACD), product service tree, Event-driven Process Chain (EPC), Business Process Modeling Notation (BPMN™), technical terms and IE data model, etc.
  • Creating process models in accordance to ARIS modeling rules
  • Optimizing readability of model graphics
  • Testing and evaluating models
  • Software version:current version


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