Hi all,

We are using ARIS 7.2 (Business Architect & Designer for SAP) and thinking of moving to ARIS 9.2. After reading up on ARIS 9, I have  a few questions regarding ARIS 9 deployment. Any help, from SAG people in particular, will be appreciated.

1. According to my understanding, ARIS public cloud deployment is essentially Process Live. How does it compare to ARIS on private cloud in terms of capabilities? Can Process Live exist independent of ARIS 9?

2. We use Yammer for Social Networking, is it possible to integrate it with ARIS 9 instead of using ARIS Connect?

3. Any possibility of integrating MS Sharepoint and MS Project with ARIS 9? I t would be great if we could integrate our existing set-up with our processes.


Thanks and regards!



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