The project's database I'm working on uses the "Internal Person" symbol (Person type) to denote who participates in an activity (function), supposedly because when the project started the Person type was required for compatibility reasons with other systems.

The issue with using the Person type is that when converting the EPC flow to BPMN, the system won't be able to tell who the different actors of the process are and therefore it will show the entire flow inside a single lane. This is troublesome, since one of the goals of the project is to eventually document the flow of every process using BPMN, and because there are countless activities and processes already, it's not realistic to manually convert every instance of the Person type into the role type.

My question is, is there any way to check an entire database and automatically convert every instance of the "Person" type into "Role" type, without disrupting the work already in place ? I've tried the Report function, but don't know nearly enough to be comfortable using it.


Thanks in advance.


Tags: ARIS Architect ARIS Report