Here is some background. I have a SINGLE Aris Repository with a Working Group and a Baseline Group. Ongoing updates to Models and Objects occur in the Working Group that Users have full read/write privileges to. When the work is completed and verified, as an Aris Admin, I move/merge the changes into the Baseline Group. ONLY Aris Admins have full read/write privileges to the Baseline Group, but Users do have read privileges to the Baseline Group. On our Application Architecture Landscape Models (application communication diagrams) we make Connections (a.k.a. Relationships) between Application Objects (application system types). We then create Assignments on those Connections/Relationships to more detailed application communication diagram models about the specifics of that connection/relationship.


Now here is my use case. I want to create a Query or Report to provide a list of the connections that HAVE Model Assignments, the Objects that are connected by the Connection, and the Model and Group Path of the Assigned Model(s). I need this so that I can confirm that any Connection/Relationship Assignments in Baseline Models are ONLY to Models that also exist in the Baseline.


I have NOT been able to find any way to get these Assignment Details for a Connection/Relationship Object.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.

Tags: ARIS Report Scripting Queries Report Reports