We are holding workshops online where we would like the SMEs to contribute to building the process together.  They are currently using Mural and up to 10 users are creating post it notes at the same time and sticking them on the virtual board.  Once the activities are agreed then the next step is to sequence them and we may then re-key it into ARIS and then model from there.

It would be great if there was a solution to do this directly in ARIS Connect Designer, where multiple users could be in the model at one time to collaborate and add to the model together.  Does this exist or on the roadmap?  We've tried in Connect Designer but the model is read only for the other users once opened by the first user.  Also a model type that could look like post its but then the objects could then be converted into Functions for direct import into EPC/BPMN would also be a good feature.

Help and advice woud be appreciated.

Manay thanks

Larissa McArdle