I am trying to run Aris Express 2.4c on Windows 10 operating in Parallels Desktop on Mac OS X Sierra.

I have managed to kick start the registration process by running the express.jnlp file. After entering my login credentials and selecting next, it comes back with the following error:

Unable to connect to Aris Community. Please connect to the internet when running Aris Express for the first time so that your login data can be checked.

In addition, please check your system's proxy settings under Internet Options.

I have:

  • Verified that the Windows 10 environment is connected to the internet (using it now to post this question.)
  • Turned off all proxies in Windows 10 Internet Options.
  • Disabled both Windows Firewalls and Mac OS X Sierra firewalls.
  • Set JRE 6 Network Settings to 'Use Browser Settings.'
  • Tried uninstalling and reinstalling Aris Express.
  • Verified that my Windows 10 account is an administrator account.

I'm stumped. Is there anything else I can try to get this to work?