Hello group,

I have been using ARIS Simulation capability for several months now and am interested in sharing best practices and learnings around the use of this capability.

In my company simulation has not been used heavily, however the work that I am doing is showing promise of leading to the use of simulation as a standard tool in support of capacity management, forecasting, process improvement, and so on.  I have had success modeling a core end-to-end operational process in the financial services industry, which is supporting a merger between two large companies which are moving towards a single platform for their core process of retail loan origination.

One of the areas that I have been looking at is optimizing the head count ratios of the various roles involved in this process, as well as exploring the dynamic response of the process to spikes in incoming loan application volume, and how to mitigate that response in the most cost-effective manner, e.g., using overtime.

To get the ball rolling on this discussion, I pose the following questions to others using ARIS simulation:

1) For what problem types are you using the simulation tool, and what level of acceptance from senior management in your company (if applicable) are you receiving?  What steps have you taken to gain their acceptance and how successful have those steps been?

2) What have been the biggest challenges you have found in trying to use ARIS simulation and how have you overcome those, if you have, or if not, what steps are you taking in an effort to overcome those challenges?

I would welcome any other thoughts, comments or questions about ARIS simulation from this group!



Tags: simulation BPM