The ARIS Express model import functionality within the ARIS Business Architect works nicely, once you import the ARIS Express filter.  The model is created exactly as it is within ARIS Express. 

Within the ARIS repository, the concept of occurrence copies exists.  My assumption is that ARIS Express does not include the idea of occurrence copies, since you are simply creating a picture like in Visio.  Is this assumption correct? 

If it is, then each "occurrence" of the object within an ARIS Express model will be created during the import as a single, new object with no relationship to the object with the similar name ("occurrence").  Similarly, if I am importing two separate ARIS Express models with the "same" object being used in each model, they will be created as single, new objects after the import.

This means that after each import from ARIS Express, I will need to do an object consolidation of objects with similar names in order to create the "occurrences" within the ARIS database.  Is this correct?