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First of all: THANKS to everyone who contributed!!!

Within the last four months we published 7 blog posts about Software AG´s understanding of Enterprise BPM. I hope each community member who is interested in Business Process Management and the integration of ARIS and webMethods became aware of this series.

For those ones who missed it or the ones who want to read it again, I put together this list:

1. Overview about Enterprise BPM and Model to Execute by Thomas Stoesser

2. What role do services play in the context of M2E? by Patrick Buech

3. The modeling aspects of EBPM by myself

4. How to share business requirements with IT by Katrina Simon

5. What´s "roundtripping" all about? by Katrina Simon

6. Process implementation and execution with webMethods by Subhash Ramachandran

7. Process Monitoring and measurement with Process Intelligence by Marie-Elisabeth Kuppler

For the ones that are interested in EBPM but too busy to read, click here to see our 2minutes video that explains the story in a descriptive but short way.

Stay tuned - EBPM is THE topic 2011 and there will be more news to come soon! Right now, more inforamtion and download material can be found at our microsite!!!